About Us


We are a cloud-based customer support ticketing system that we founded with one simple mission in mind. We wanted to enable all companies, regardless of size and niche to offer the best possible customer service to their client base. We have a unified goal with companies such as yours in making it possible for you to communicate with your customers and making it easy, convenient, and comfortable for your customers to get in touch with you.

The constant struggle that we experienced when we tried to contact companies as customers and saw how many people complained about poor service delivery with weak customer support, urged us to form Tixway. We realized that there was a definite need for better customer support solutions in order for companies to grow their businesses with happy customers.

Since our inception have we grown exponentially and we have dedicated employees and continue to help businesses around the world to offer better service and support to their own loyal customers. You will find as you grow your business that email is only built for communication and collaboration is useless. With several employees that attempts to use a single support email inbox, you will soon find yourself overwhelmed.


We knew that many of your important customers will slip away and many important things will fall through the cracks. Your customers will not be happy and soon will you feel the same. We designed Tixway to be uncluttered, no complexities and features you will never use. This is why we are confidents that you and your team will be more productive and able to concentrate on all the other important things in running your business, while our ticketing software take care of your customers.