Privacy Policy


At Tixway, we always respect the need of online privacy. Any information that you share with us will not be given to third parties and protect your personal information appropriately.

We comply with the U.S. Safe Harbor framework as well as the Swiss Safe Harbor frameworks as the U.S Department of Commerce has set forth. We comply with the rules regarding colleting, usage, and retention of all personal data.

When registering with us, we require your name and email address and you will use a password-protected username, which is for access of your user account and online safety. The only reason that you email address and named will be used for is when you request to be informed of new services, update, new releases or upcoming events.

Tixway will only have access to additional third party information, which you supplied us with during the registration process. We will only use this information, which include physical addresses, phone numbers, or third party names if you request and specify its use.

We will not share this information with anyone for any promotional purposes or use it for any purpose unless specified as such by you. We store documents, emails, files and your data at our U.S based facilities, with backup copies of data and use your data only in compliance with legal obligations, enforcing of rights or disputes.


Your data will not even be disclosed to Tixway employees and to any other party and furthermore are you assured that your data is not scanned for servicing targeted advertisements.

Services that require payment has to be accompanied with payment account information or credit card, which we use only for processing of payment. We do not stored your financial information apart from the cardholder’s name and address, the last four digits of the Credit Card number and its expiry date.

All information is stored in encrypted form on our secure servers.